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Mythic Blackhand

by Mallagin, 138 days ago

Officially join the 10/10 club. We were able to down Mythic Blackhand last night. It was a sweet victory seeing as how we had a 478k (0.01%) wipe previously.

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PoV: Bitterst (BM Hunter)

PoV: Signat (BM Hunter)

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Kill Video's

by Mallagin, 212 days ago

Have a few kill video's to share!

Ascent vs Oregorger Mythic - Blood DK

Ascent vs Gruul Mythic - Blood DK

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6/7 - Mythic Ko'ragh

by Mallagin, 273 days ago

Mythic Ko'ragh

PoV: Lavarunner - Elemental Shaman

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5/7 Mythic Butcher down

by Bitterst, 282 days ago

Mythic Butcher first kill
PoV: Bitterst - Suvival hunter

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